Indonesia negara nomor 51 paling dibenci menurut survei The Top Tens

May 23, 2016

Menurut lebih dari 125 ribu voters di website The Top Tens, Indonesia adalah salah satu negara yang paling dibenci di dunia.

Tapi tenang, Indonesia berada di peringkat 51 dari 179 negara yang dinilai netizen.

Di website ini ditulis juga beberapa alasan dari voter kenapa mereka ‘benci’ Indonesia. Berikut adalah beberapa komentar yang menurut kami kadang berlebihan, tapi kadang ada kebenarannya juga:

“Lack of knowledge in history, blames other country without knowing anything.
Even their people hate each other. Big gap between rich and poor. Illegal immigrant from Indonesia can’t even respect their neighbouring country, I hope they open their mind sometimes and learn to respect other opinion.”

“The worst country in the world with their corruption, arrogance, and violence. They slaughtered, raped, and robbed Chinese in 1998.”

“They still racist til this day. They worship their religion more than anything, yet they ready to abandon it anytime for money, women, and power.”

“One word : racist. I am part of the minority here and I am feeling so underestimated. And not to mention the patriarchy is so strong in Indonesia. basically – if you’re a girl, and happens to be a part of the minor ethnicity in Indonesia – everything is definitely going to be so hard on you, unless you fight for your right until your senses are numb.”

Meskipun ini bukan penelitian ilmiah, peringkat 51 untuk Indonesia gak buruk buruk amat deh. Menurut The Top Tens, negara paling dibenci di dunia adalah Korea Utara, disusul dengan Jepang, Korea Selatan, USA, dan Israel.


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